First thing is first, as with all initial posts on blogs where would we be without a warm welcome, Something to help get our bearings and explain the purpose of this site. Something I hope you will become familiar with!


Adressing right of the bat we cant deny that our communication has been in any way the most suitble for this sort of project, as a team primarially focused on an active community our feedback has been... well shall we say not the greatest. This is where this blog comes in!

This area is where we plan on posting all future updates, where we are not limited to 2000 charachters (Thanks Discord!) and something a little easier on the eyes to read.

Regular updates will be a thing! This platform allows us to schedule posts to release and will help us manage our schedules. Obviously there will be updates out of schedule so please dont be suprised if anything pops up when you dont expect it!

Suprise! Credit:

The idea is not only to release updates but also even any tidbits or on topic things that our team would like to share with the community.

We hope that we can peak your interest and dont forget to leave some feedback, including any suggestions for things you want to know (we cant read your minds let us know something you want to receive information about!)

Stay tuned as we will be releasing some more information quite soon right here (We will announce everywhere else also)