Hey everyone.

As you know, Project SONO is run actively by 4 people as of right now.
Richy and Duffy is working hard on SonoX and spending all available time they have on it and we hope to see testers go ham on SonoX soon.

zPools that up to this point have been both a pool operator and our coin developer has been swarmed with work since his daytime job made some changes.

This is also why we have not been able to publish the cosmetic update that should have been released after our last round of updates.

I personally have been too distant and not active enough with engaging the community and promoting SONO as I planned. Since our many troubles with the chain, I have been looking to find someone to relief zPools to allow him to spend more time with his family as its unfair for us to take him away from them.

This is why I now ask our community and anyone from the outside who wants to be a part of this adventure with us. To become a part of the team and relight the SONO flame.

I would like to open up development of SONO, our currency, to the community.
Any and all developers who can find and fix issues, bugs and add new features are welcomed to join the team as a community developer. We wont be able to pay a living wage, we can offer some compensation in SONO and once SonoX is operational and live, funding can be provided from there.

I would also like to invite users with marketing experience to assist us in getting back out there and make sure that everyone knows about our mission.
SonoX is the first step to dismantle the crypto exchange industry with insane listing fees and requirements for projects to have a chance to get listed on a high quality platform.

If you wish to help us and become a part of our community team, please fill out this form and then we will contact you as soon as possible and initiate this new stage in the project.

Our goal right now, is to find the people we need to make this project a success and make sure the people who still keep supporting us is rewarded for this.

Once we have selected and interviewed the people of interest to us, they will be invited to the Project SONO Internal Discord channel and work directly with the team.

SonoX Progress Report 7

The SonoX progress report has been postponed until next week as Duffyboyo has been sick and needed some time to recover. A well deserved break as both Duffy and Richy has been putting in a lot of hours and continue to do so.

You are of course always welcome to ask our developers questions on the Discord and they will do their best to answer them.