We have hit that cruicial point in time where Project SONO is about to change.
The development of SonoX Alpha is our first priority from this point, and to enable SonoX to have a good launch, promotion has to start as well.

This is why we now chosen to launch our Twitter Retweet Campaign, Bitcointalk Signature Campaign and the SonoX prelisting vote.

Twitter Retweet Campaign

To join the retweet campaign, all you have to do is sign up here: https://campaign.projectsono.io/

The requirements to be able to join this campaign is very simple.
You need 50 real followers, these can not be bots users
You must also follow our official twitter.

Each week, a pre determined amount of SONO is deposited into a public address.
All users who join the campaign will be paid based on the amount of shares their account is able to collect each week.
1 retweet = 1 share.

Payout will commence within 48 hours of each round completion.

SonoX Prelisting Vote

An empty exchange would not be fun to trade on, so we would like to give a special opportunity for 15 projects to be listed on SonoX from launch.

The vote starts from tonight, and will be ongoing until the 25th of August.
The top 15 coins will then be added and be ready for the public launch of SonoX Alpha on the 28th of August.

To list your coin on the prelisting vote, we will require the following from you:

  • Coin/Project Name
  • Coin Logo (No background, just the logo)
  • Bitcointalk Thread link

Users will be able to access our voting page and vote once per day.
Each user will have 3 daily votes.

There is no limit on how many projects that are able to join the vote, but the sooner they submit their project, the more exposure they have therfore, the more likely it is that they gain more votes.

We would also like to reward the top 3 coins with a infusion of capital to help these projects.

The top 3 coins will receive the following amount of SONO:

1st Place: 1000 SONO
2nd Place: 500 SONO
3rd Place: 300 SONO

This SONO will be sent to a verified member of the receiving projects.

To add your project to the vote please follow this link: SonoX.io

Ethereum Based Tokens are not supported for this vote.
Your coin must have its own blockchain.

Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

Details about our signature campaign can be found in a previous blog post.
No details has been changed, payout rates are still the same.

You can find the post here: https://blog.projectsono.io/bitcointalk-signature-campaign/