SonoX Update

Its time for the 2nd last update before SonoX is released.

As you know, we have been running our prelisting campaign for SonoX to allow projects to join the exchange and receive the premium listing for free if they reach top 15.

Our two great developers has put a lot of time and effort into making sure that this voting page looked and felt great to use. Adam and Richard spent time on bringing SonoX to life before the launch date by allowing users to sign up and refer their friends to SonoX with a reward of 25% of all trading fees.

But as you know, we experienced some small issues with bugs which took longer than expected to fix. It was pressured upon our developers in interest of the community and the project itself to release SonoX Alpha as soon as possible. While the deadline was very optimistic it became apparent that this deadline was not reachable especially with 2 developers. Had our team been bigger then it would had been possible.

This is why we sadly have to postpone the launch of SonoX Alpha.

We dont have a set day for the launch yet, but we will make sure this new deadline is the last one to be announced.
Development will continue as usual and as a way to better connect with our community, we will publish weekly progress reports.

In the mean time, we will release a demo version of SonoX so everyone can see the new exchange.

Whitepaper Release

Finaly its time to release our new whitepaper that includes details about every project that we are working on.

The new whitepaper can be found here:
(Revised versions can be released at a later point)

Twitter Campaign Update

The twitter campaign is still going strong and we are seeing more and more users join our campaign.

The 4th round just ended yesterday and the SONO is about to be paid to all participants. The 5th round has been launched today and everyone is free to join it here if you havent already: