SonoX Prelisting Update

Our new update is finally ready for SonoX.
Within this update, several great changes are made to the current voting page.
One of the most important ones, is user creation.

It is now possible to sign up to SonoX Exchange, and even better..
The referral system is active, so every user you refer to SonoX that signs up, will be rewarding you with 25% of their trading fees when SonoX is live.

Airdrop Announcement

As we are getting closer to the launch of SonoX, we feel that 2 airdrops would be great to allow everyone to get a little SONO for the future.

Remember, in a later update for SonoX - Trading fees can be paid in SONO to receive a discount on said fees.

The 2 airdrops will be private in the way that you are required to have an account on SonoX to be able to receive the airdrop.

These airdrops will have 5000 slots so there is room for plenty of people.
And the total pool for these airdrops will be 30.000 SONO.

Twitter Campaign Update

Our twitter campaign has the past 3 weeks experienced issues with the showing of data from our database. After a fix today, all data channels are open and we regained access to the past 3 weeks of data for payouts.

All participants that were active have been paid.
1st week: Lowest pay: 12.5 SONO - Highest pay: 50 SONO. (1000 SONO pot)
2nd week: No tweets.
3rd week: Pay: 125 SONO. (750 SONO pot)
Pay per participant
4th week of the campaign has just been launched and you can join the retweet campaign by following this link:

The 4th weeks pot contains 1000 SONO to be distributed between all participants based on their amount of shares.

Beta Testing of SONO 2.1

The Beta testing of our new update to SONO is active.
Currently we are testing the system to make sure that PoS difficulty is lowered so it is possible to stake your coins.

During this test, users will mine and stake SONO and see if the new difficulty parameters are a better fit for the network than the previous version.

Community Bounties

Project SONO will open up for new community bounties that will allow users to build services, websites and other systems for the community.

The following things are given bounties for:

A community driven Wiki: 200 SONO
Community driven website: 200 SONO
Statistics Page: 150 SONO
AMD GPU Miner: 300 SONO
A community driven forum: 200 SONO

These community run services will allow for multiple entry ways for new community members and it will move influence away from the team and over to the community.

To be able to claim the bounty, you must have completed it fully.
That means the website/service must be fully operational.