Its been a few days since we last spoke about SonoX, but now we have a status update ready from our two developers.

Richy - SonoX Frontend

Progress has been slowed down the last 2 weeks due to Duffyboyo moving house but with him having settled in his new place and having a reliable internet connection we’ve continued work as usual and making quite a bit of progress. The current forecast of the when SonoX will be ready for launch is set to be around a months time assuming everything goes fine. We will keep you updated on a weekly basis so this time frame might move depending on the amount of progress we are able make.

I’ve mainly been focusing on the trading page and the graph for the trading data.

Here’s a screenshot of the page in its current state:

Current state of chart/trading view on SonoX.

At the moment it is still using dummy data.

Next up I will be looking at polishing the user profile pages and adding the 2 factor authentication and other settings to the profile pages.

Duffyboyo - SonoX Backend

Unfortunately in this time period I have not been able to push through as much as I would have liked to. I have moved house and unfortunately my ISP messed up the order dates and engineer visits which resulted me having to wait. However I have had some limited offline development capability. There are some things I would like to share with you, the biggest one being about the coin system.

Without digressing too much detail, the way in which we communicate with different coins and the ‘brain’ of the exchange is to my knowledge completely unique. With a unique system generally comes teething problems, but so far nothing that has been majorly blocking. We have full monitoring of each coin system and to an extent event tracking.

Now that we have working coins also we are also able to create simple markets. While they cannot strictly interact with transactions yet, we are almost at this point.

Making use of event queue and experimenting with scaling and load balancing these queues will be one of my next port of calls.

A large part of developing this exchange is getting the main building blocks together, while sounding simple, keeping it broad enough for expansion and performance at the same time is a demeaning and sometimes time costly task. Most of the main building blocks needed are in place. After this it is just the case of cementing all the blocks.

SONO Airdrop 3 Status

Our 3rd airdrop has now been closed with a great success.
We managed to fill up 2000 spots and therefore will be releasing 6000 SONO into the ecosystem to all the new users who signed up.

This is a great increase from the past 2 airdrops that did not gather us much attention.

We also still have our bonus round for the twitter campaign active.
If you haven't join it already, you can do that here:

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