Duffy - Backend Developer

Real life has been catching up recently and this is one of the reasons you will notice lack of commits, however as before these circumstances have been known internally and was expected.

When it comes to file size and managing components i usually think of many different split components, when i learned that the page component for the market trading is over 3000 lines long, and to effectively navigate you way through was a nightmare, while the work is still continuing certainly splitting this file up will help in the long term. This positive and the fact that some of these component will now be utilized correctly across the site instead of rewriting, remember keeping code DRY is a good thing.

I am personally working by batching and testing more before pushing due to some,
conflicts of pattern and components (more about this below).

Richy - Frontend Developer
Keeping busy is usually a good sign that things are going well, but with the change of my personal circumstances I have a little less time to effectively work right now, but a large gap in time coming soon which we will then be able to push over

The graph while the data is available, its not always easy to make it look nice easily. Focusing on being able to make it render effectively without lagging out slower machines is important, so taking the whole idea of making graphing tools from scratch is daunting but effective task, especially when its extensible enough in our framework to use in other places passing in similar data and being able to represent it in many ways.

All well that ends well and with the progress through the graphs we move ever closer to a live private test.

What is to come?
Automated test driven development is something from day one that was put on the back burner, but as we extend with more and more features going back and testing yield unfavorable results (where base code changes are involved mostly).

Moving into automated testing is certainly where we want to go and will definitely help us with updating the beta testers for each revision until we launch initial feature version for everyone.

Preparing the tools to effectively version and push with 99% up time is also on the radar too, especially now we will be running multiple versions of the exchange soon.

SonoX Pre Alpha Tester Application
Many of you have already seen the new rank and channels on our Discord.
We are looking for 20 to 30 people from our community that can help us test SonoX before it is opened to the public.

If you wish to become a tester for SonoX, then please follow the link below.
Make sure to read the rules in the application before you fill it out.

Sign up to be a tester here: SonoX Pre Alpha Tester