Richy - Frontend Developer
This week I have been giving some well needed love to the administration side of the application. Now we have most of the functionality for monitoring, next step will be support. However as what will be outlined further below. I will be working towards that goal, read on for more information.

Duffy - Backend Developer
This weeks progress has been a lot more housework than what I was expecting, from using .graphql extensions in a client applications and auto importing using webpack to reduce the amount of code written both now and in the future, to nice statistic and data displays for management of the software we have, this certainly will help with the long term management.

As you can probably imagine, with us building the application we know the in's and outs, what works best and what could be improved before release. What I would like to announce would be a test of the markets. This test would be to make sure that what we have works s efficiently as we desire.

Right now we are unsure if we would like to run a public test or a semi-private test but this updates main purpose is to let you know about this. Keep a lookout on the news posts coming in the future!

As for what I will be working on this week, the main limiting factor that is stopping us from just opening up this test to the public right now is the market is missing its graphs.

So this week its all about bringing you the information you need to help make your decisions and judge market history without sifting through tables!

Hamuki - Community Manager
As you can see, we have already put a SonoX Pre Alpha testing channel on the official Discord. A few users have also already been chosen by the team to receive access to the first semi-public testing. (This testing is not open yet, users have only received a rank on Discord)

We plan to open an application form around this time next week and allow anyone to sign up for being a tester and then the team will be picking up to 20 more testers from the applications we receive.

If you have been given the rank "SonoX Alpha Tester" and you dont wish to participate, feel free to message me on Discord.