Richy - Frontend Developer

Richy has been busy with adding real-time functionality to the trading page allowing order notifications.

"Besides real-time updates, I’ve focused this week on improving the user experience and performance of the page.

The design was using a lot of box shadows which made the page perform poorly on older systems. Reducing the amount used makes the pages a lot easier to navigate without taking away from the overall ecstatic.

The coming week will be worked on implementing more functionality and tying everything up with the back-end systems. I will also start to work on the graph and having live trading data streamed to it.

Next, to that, I will be working closely with Duffy on housekeeping and administrative work for the exchange."

Duffyboyo - Backend Developer

This week you may have noticed a lack of commits on the discord. Do not worry about this, the exchange is still moving forward as fast as 2 developers can move!

"Like I mentioned last week the majority of the focus has been put on matching engine. I can confirm, that as it seems everything apart from automated testing and service health notifications has been implemented.

The engine is fully asynchronous and multi-threaded. At the moment it runs in loops however I will be looking to turn this into a partly event-driven system. Meaning we can best utilize the resources we use, increasing the throughput.

This week there may be a lack of commits again while I work on the administration and housekeeping side, including logs and moderation tools, the commit messages may seem a little cryptic at time as to not digress any more information than we want to regarding the more sensitive part of the exchange."