Richy - Frontend Developer

A lot of progress has been made since the last dev blog.
Some of you may have noticed the screenshots and gifs I’ve shared in the general chat over the last week showcasing our light and dark theme.

I’m pleased to say that those are now completely finished and the site is almost fully functional on mobile. There are a few snags still found here and there that need fixing and polishing but are being picked up on as soon as they are found.

The following week will be focused on implementing real-time data in the trading view and making the trading page fully functional on both PC and mobile.

Language changer has also been finished now and we will be looking for people to help with translations in certain languages.

Duffyboyo - Backend Developer

It is really exciting to see the market page coming together, if you have been following the commit messages from Discord the past couple of days you would have seen that some real-time features are being added.

One of the most important parts of the exchange itself is almost complete and is missing one simple part, the matching engine.

Where I may have spoken about the matching engine before, it has been decided that go-lang will be our choice of language.

An alternative experimental configuration to potentially help with scaling is in the works regarding the matching engine, allowing dynamic scaling, weather we implement this feature in the matching engines' first iteration is not decided but opening up the idea for the future and designing towards it will certainly help with a lot of headaches down the line .

While I will not digress more on what this is at the current moment, there may be a time where I let slip a little bit more information.