Richy - SonoX Frontend

Working closely together this past week has allowed for a lot of positive feedback. The meeting of the frontend and top level backend systems happened relieving a lot of angst with worries of compatibility.

This previous week, the mobile side of the website got a little bit of a well needed polish. As bugs are found, big or small, they are being squashed on sight, at a rate I can barely keep up our documentation.

The plan for the next week will be aggregating and utilizing data gathered from a test environment and moulding them together with our graphing library, this will be the creation of one of the finalized systems for an early release version, so making sure that this is thoroughly tested is imperative.

As monotonous as the task may seem, it is something I am looking very much toward, and another step closer to the release of SonoX.

Duffyboyo - SonoX Backend

This week some good progress has been made towards tying in of some of the most essential backend systems.

Working towards our final specification, the more simple models in the application in which we could not work with fully yet are starting to build in their fields and become usable across their modules.

I must admit it is very relieving to see some of the data and logic that has been written reflected in the front end and other applications.

Specifically when it comes to coin communication we are now almost making use of a full queue system, this will help us with expansion and scaling down the line, while also maintaining that messages are not lost.

Experimenting with the previous source for the exchange, while watching the responses sent back and forward, especially when it came to depositing, I found that a lot of information was not being met and responded to promptly.

This meant that there were excessive delays in the deposit process which in the worst case required manual intervention and checking.

During this week I will start to work on the deposit and at a push the withdrawal part of the exchange system, we have some very optimistic but attainable goals when it comes to this system.

Unfortunately this coming week there will be little less progress from me personally due to other commitments. However this does not mean I will not be grabbing in extra time in every corner I can, even if it means I get even less sleep.