Hello again everyone!

As most of you know at this point, the SonoX Prelisting Vote was launched yesterday and we have since then receive lots of feedback and seen a high interest in getting projects listed.

We also have good news regarding the Twitter Campaign, it is open and now working.
We sadly experienced some launch diffifulties with the system and our system was theirfore unable to handle any registration requests.

SonoX Prelisting Stats

The numbers.. What do they say? Are we doing any good?

The answer to that is yes, we are doing great!
Since 10:00am on the 23/07 untill 03:00pm today, a total of 2900 unique users has visited the site and cast almost 6000 votes towards their favorite projects.

Since launch added 61 extra requested projects to the vote. Remember the top 15 coins will be listed on SonoX on the 28th of August!

New projects are signing up every hour and almost all so far have been accepted.
2 projects have unfortunately been turned, but for good reason. They were deemed them too high of a risk of being P&Ds or ICO Scams.

The top 3 coins in the vote will receive a capital infusion to their project in SONO to help these projects grow even more.

If you wish to vote on a project please follow this link: https://sonox.io
If you wish to add your project to the SonoX prelisting vote click the link below.

Add Project

Twitter Campaign is ready to rock'n roll!

The twitter campaign had some launch issues that was fixed around 9pm monday night. The campaign cycle runs from Monday to Sunday, all users who join and earn shares will be dividing 1000 SONO amongst themselves.

If we see a large increase in user participation, then we will increase the weekly pot size.

Every retweet on tweets from @SonoProject will equal one share of the weekly pot.
The more shares you have, the more SONO you are rewarded with.

Likes and replies do not count for anything, but we do appreciate the gesture, it cetainly helps us know what you like.

If you wish to join the Twitter Retweet Campaign please follow this link: https://campaign.projectsono.io/