We are happy to announce that SonoX v1.0 is scheduled to launch tonight. There is no set time as we are now finalizing the latest build of SonoX.
This version allows for real trading between different trading pairs.
At launch, the first trading pairs we will offer are:


The trading pairs will show up one by one over the next 24 hours after official launch.

Features At Launch

It has been a very challenging mission for Project SONO to supply SONO with the first unique utility of the coin. Now we are proud to offer the first utility for our coin, SONO integrated as the only means of payment on SonoX.

This means listing and other premium add-ons can only be purchased using SONO as the payment method. SonoX will also offer all its users a 50% discount on the trading fees when the user is trading any SONO/Pairs as the fee is paid in SONO.

Other Features:

  • 2FA for increase account security.
  • Support Ticket System.
  • Free Listing offer for smaller unique projects.

The design of SonoX 1.0 is a custom temporary solution.
As of now, we are already working towards getting a new and visually pleasing frontend made for SonoX. This is a very high priority and we are doing what we can to make this possible in January.

This also means that SonoX will not be advertised until this new frontend has been implemented.

Listing & Maintenance Fees

SonoX will only accept SONO as a payment method when projects apply for listing or purchase any additional upgrades or add-ons.

Free Listing: No payment.

To be able to be listed on SonoX for free, your project must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must not be trading on any other exchange.
  • Must have an active development team.
  • Must have a whitepaper or an active roadmap.

If your project fulfills these requirements and the project is approved by the team, the coin/token will be listed on SonoX as soon as possible.

Basic Listing: $200 worth of SONO

  • Listing on exchange within 2 weeks.
  • Trading Pair of choice.
  • One month grace period.
  • Ticket Support.

Prioritized Listing: $500 worth of SONO

  • Listing on exchange within 5 days.
  • Trading Pairs of choice.
  • Two month grace period.
  • Ticket Support.

Express Listing: $1000 worth of SONO

  • Listing on exchange within 48 hours.
  • Trading Pairs of choice.
  • Three month grace period.
  • Prioritized Support.

Maintenance Fees:

  • Express Wallet Update: $200 worth of SONO
  • Free Wallet Update: 2 weeks notice minimum.

Additional Upgrades:

  • Add a new trading pair: $100 worth of SONO
  • Featured Coin/Promotion: $250 worth of SONO (This upgrade will not be available in version 1.0.)
  • Priority Support: $50 worth of SONO

Minor changes can be made regarding the listing options the next 2 weeks.
We will, of course, announce any and all changes if they are made.

Future Plans

With the recent changes both regarding Project SONO and the launch of SonoX more diverse skill-sets and resource has joined us.

This is why we will be remaking our Whitepaper and create 2 new independent roadmaps for Project SONO and SonoX. SonoX is launching in version 1.0 and we expect to see monthly updates on the exchange with new features both from the whitepaper and from our community.

Project SONO will focus on further development of SONO.New exciting features are being developed and integrated into SONO to further establish our blockchain as a platform instead of a single utility system.

More details about this will be released as soon as possible.

Funding of SonoX

As of today, only $1119 in USDT remains in the Project SONO cash fund. This money is marked already for SonoX to pay for the hosting and development.

We are lucky and very thankful for our new exchange core developer, that is the creator of the exchange platform itself.

This new developer has offered us to be very flexible with both the cost of development and the time we have to pay for his services. But this still means that SonoX will be needing funds to be able to sustain itself.

This is why we want to inform our community of 2 options we will be using to help further fund SonoX. The first option we will be using is the development fund of 19.000 SONO.

Project SONO will be setting up 10 Masternodes on the network to help SonoX gain more funds for operations.

The second option will be to allow user funds to stake within our exchange wallets as this will be able to provide SonoX with some extra income to further help us.
Later on when SonoX's economy is more stable and sustainable we will look into crediting users wallets with stakes.

We of course always advise all users to withdraw their coins from SonoX once they no longer need to trade them.