What happens if we dont reach the funding goal?

If we as a community is unable to come up with the funding required for SonoX, development wont stop. But it means that our developers need to work on other smaller projects that are able to give them the funds needed to spend more time on SonoX.

Our developers needs to pay their bills just like the rest of us.
The £2000 per months means that our two developers can focus on SonoX only and work as much as possible to launch SonoX in a good state as soon as possible.

Why did we choose not to become an ICO?

This is really simple to us, we felt like ICOs are nothing but a moneygrab these days and the chance of receiving what you were promised from an ICO is getting lower and lower.

At Project SONO we feel the need to prove that we can make our own ecosystem without asking for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to be able to make a platform that is able to provide us with and income and fund the further development of this project.

The only points in time we ask for community contributions is when its needed as we are running out of personal funds.

What makes Project SONO special?

Morten Jensen(Hamuki), the founder and current project manager has spent more than £6000 and lost his job because of Project SONO. Duffyboyo  is a single father, and Richy works 80+ hours a week on his daytime job and SonoX combined. zPools have 2 different jobs to provide for his family and he continues to work hard on the SONO wallet to help improve the experience for our community.

Project SONO is living proof of the cryptocurrency community still having passionate people left in the industry that wants to better the currently greedy and manipulative market. A revolution within the crypto world is needed, or else it wont receive a wider acceptance among the general public.

Why should we keep believing in Project SONO?

At this point in time, the team is working around the clock and is doing its best to please our community. We have made the mistake of giving deadlines we could not keep, and we have been damaged by a previous coin developer that left us when we needed him the most.

We have honestly had so many different issues at this point that its hard to remember them all. But I want to ask our community to remember all the other projects that has been through as much trouble as us, and survived.

Throughout any issue we have faced, we do not let it keep us down and continue. We believe dedication from both the team and the community is key to any project and there is no doubt on either side in this case.

Who still stands today with an active team that is working around the clock without having lots of money behind them? Ill be honest with you, I cant name that many.

We are now a year into the development of the project and the first division is set to launch within 2 months. The total cost for the community has been $26.500 and we now ask for a final contribution of £4000 or ~$5200.

Do you wish to support us?
Read our previous blog post about how you can support us: https://blog.projectsono.io/we-need-you/

Discord: https://discord.gg/effKJSx
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/SonoProject
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SonoProject
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2105778.0