Swap Details

The SONO v1 swap was launched on the 19th of June, and as of posting, only 3 days remain. Over 450,000 coins have been swapped in total.
This is far more than we expected which means that we will not extend the swap with more days.

Anyone who has not swaped their SONO v1 coins to SONO v2 within the next 3 days will lose the option to do so indefinetly.

If you currently have a problem with swapping and have notified the team through the google form, then do not worry these will be sorted before the end of the swap in the last batch of support.

Coin Development

Coin development is unfortunately paused at the moment as Mike (zPools) is on a well deserved vacation. With the current state of SONO, no major chain breaking issues are present.

As you are probably aware PoS difficulty is currently too high which means that staking is very hard.

At the moment to bypass this we suggest you use shared masternode services to gain some interest on your hard earned coins while we work on a patch to fix this PoS difficulty issue.

But overall, the state of the coin is healthy as masternode rewards are back to normal and the amount of PoW blocks that are being mined daily is about 3000.

Well, whats the plan now then?

The route we are taking now is the one we should have taken from the beginning.
When Mike is back from vacation in about 2 weeks time, development of SONO will be done differently.

We will make a test group like we have done before. We will release a new version of SONO in this test group and see if we can break it or find any bugs.
This version will be a fork so it doesnt interfere with the live network.

After testing is complete and we are sure everything works, the final version is released to the public.
This means the next public update for SONO 2.X will be in mid August.

This might annoy some of you, but we also know that a lot of people are annoyed and wishes for higher quality updates that are not rushed.

SonoX Alpha Development

Okay.... So the big one that a lot of you have been waiting for..

SonoX Alpha Development is moving along nicely and we have a planned launch date for the Alpha version.

On the 28th of August we plan to release SonoX Alpha.
The first release of SonoX will contain the following features:

  • Altcoin and Bitcoin trading.
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and SONO trading pairs.
  • Fully designed with the previously published design.

As you can see, we are not going to support Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens in the Alpha version. But no need to worry, Ethereum will be ready in the Beta version that is planned about a month after Alpha launch.

The Beta version will contain the following additions:

  • Ethereum and Token support.
  • TUSD Trading Pair.
  • Referral system that gives 25% of trading fees.
  • Multiple languages to ease use for more users. (This may become community driven)

SonoX Prelisting

As we are getting close to the launch of SonoX, then we feel that we need to allow some projects to have a chance of being listed for free by having their community show their support.

This is why we wish to allow 15 different coins to be prelisted on SonoX for the alpha launch. Users will be able to vote once per day on their favorite project.
On the 25th of August, all voting will cease and the ballots counted. The top 15 coins will be added to SonoX and be ready for launch free of cost.