Its time to have that one serious talk that no one likes to talk about but it must be done.

What funding has Project SONO received at this point?

Its been 9 months since we had to ask our community to provide the project with economical support. Last time we sold 3000 SONO from the development fund and received $26,500 in total funding.

This was enough to purchase an exchange script that we could use as reference for when we were to build SonoX and to fund further development.

Sadly both Duffyboyo and zPools experienced severe hardware failure earlier this year where both developers required new computers and equipment to continue their work effectively. This mean we had to spend an additional $5400 from the Project SONO funds.

The current cost of developing SonoX is £2000 or $2600 per month.
This amounts secures all the time that our developers spend every month and removes the need for them to use freelance projects to fund themselves.

As of right now, Project SONO only have $2680 left which means the development for September is secured. But this leaves us with $80 for October.

Hamukione/Morten Jensen has already spent £6000 from personal funds on the cost of developing SonoX alone and is no longer able to provide funding.

How much more will SonoX need to ensure dedicated developers?

The best case scenario would be if Project SONO was able to aquire another £4000 to secure the development for October and November. By then, SonoX should have been online for at least a month and should be able to generate the necessary income needed for the development to continue as planned.

After the launch of SonoX, we expect the price of SONO to increase and allow the team to sell off SONO on SonoX without having to ask the community to support us with funding. And we expect SonoX will be able to earn enough to sustain itself soon after.

This is a 2 part blog post.
For part 2, go here: [Will be published 13th at 6pm CPH/DK Time)