Hello everyone,
It has been a while since you have heard from the team.
In this blog post, we will tell you what is going on and where we are headed.
In this update there is sadly some not so good news, and then there is very good news.

Let's start with the not so good news, to get that out of the way.
SonoX development have been substantially delayed, as you all have noticed. Because of personal differences of how SonoX was to be developed and who owned the rights to the project, eStart Limited (The development company made by Richy and Duffyboyo) will no longer be a part of Project SONO and its journey towards creating a high performance exchange platform.

Richy and Duffyboyo officially stepped down as of December the 7th and will no longer be affiliated with Project SONO or SonoX in any way.
(Our website will be updated as fast as possible)

SonoX Exchange - the future looks bright
The wait is over, SonoX is coming now. Because of the conflict between the former team members, we have chosen to go back to the script we purchased back earlier this year in January.

The source code is currently being updated to make sure the system is still very much secure and ready to handle a good amount of users.

As of right now writing this - The exchange does not yet support Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens, but we are working on getting this ready before the launch. This means because of the holidays and depending on the developers working on the exchange, we might need to squeeze SonoX to launch within the first week or two of January

But we aim to launch SonoX in 2018 and will do what we can to make this happen.
Once SonoX comes online it will provide many features such as low listing fees that have to be paid in SONO.

Coin Voting, Coin Swaps and bug hunting bounties will be features that is supported from launch. More features will come later such as paying trading fees in SONO instead of Bitcoin at a discount rate is a very high priority.

New rules and regulations will also be made, to make sure that only serious projects with active development teams will have access to SonoX. The free listing option will still be offered, but under heavy scrutiny to make sure only projects who deserve to be listed for free will.

What about the future, what's the plan?
A new roadmap is already being put together.
I can't say much about this, as the new development team - Which is receiving great support from the 2 new community developers, will need to stitch it all together with a very realistic plan and time frame.

Another blog post will be released before the launch of SonoX with listing prices, a list of features, information about trading pairs, list of coins listed from launch and any other relevant information.

I would advise everyone to tell people you know that invested in SONO or followed the project, that we are finally ready to move forward.

To finish this post off, I would like to say thank you to the people that stayed with us throughout this year. If it wasn't for the core members of this community, then I doubt we would be here today with an exchange, a working wallet and currency.

We have lots of plans and ideas for the year that is to come, and I hope to see you all and many more join us on our journey towards making the best cryptocurrency project the world has ever seen.