What a wonderful time of the year we find ourselves in and it's about to get that little bit more better!

We feel it is time to relaunch our beloved signature campaign on Bitcoin Talk!

This time there will be 200 paid slots where you, our community, will be able to join in and earn some SONO while you do your daily posting on Bitcointalk.

Many of you have requested that we bring back the signature campaign and as we are getting a lot closer to the release of our exchange and activity in general is picking up, when is there a better time.

So starting this Sunday (13/05/2018) our new signature campaign will be live and you will be able to join in.

Details on how to join the campaign will be posted here, replicated in our announcement thread on Bitcointalk and all our social media including Discord.



The following rates are calculated at a higher price than SONO is currently. This is because we know SONO itself will rise because of the lack of sell orders.

The rates are currently the following:

Newbie - Unable to join.
Junior Member - 0,05 SONO
Member - 0,1 SONO
Full Member - 0,13 SONO
Senior Member - 0,16 SONO
Hero Member - 0,2 SONO
Legendary - 0,3 SONO
Maximum number of participants: 200

The rate will be dynamic and adjusted during the week according to the price of SONO.
The adjustment will be made at the end of each round.

This is done to make sure we don't burn through our distribution fund that is meant to pay our community for the efforts they make to promote and help the project.



Now to the rules of our signature campaign…

To be able to join the signature campaign you must have an account of the rank
Junior Member. This is to make sure new accounts cant be made to abuse the system.

You must post 5 times per week as minimum to be able to be paid.
The max amount we pay for is 50 posts. Top poster of the week will be rewarded with additional 5 SONO.

Your post must be longer than 50 characters and must be of value to the thread.

Spam posts will not be counted. If more than 20% of a users posts are identified as being spam, then they will be removed from the campaign without reward.


The campaign will run for 7 days (Sunday to Sunday) and payments will be made within 48 hours of the round being over.


So for those who scrolled straight to the end, we are launching our signature campaign again, we will expect this will boost the visabilty we have on This will allow more users to find us and follow the developement of the project.

The campaign will be funded using our distribution wallet that contains more than 30.000 SONO.

Have a great rest of your day.